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¡Aumente sus ingresos con ShoreToursGuides.com!

En ShoreTours creemos que la asociación con agentes de viajes es extremadamente importante para el éxito conjunto de nuestros negocios.

Somos conscientes de que estás en contacto diario con viajeros y pasajeros de líneas de cruceros y que estás en la mejor posición para darles buenos consejos sobre sus destinos.
Es por eso que queremos priorizar el desarrollo de relaciones duraderas con socios como usted.
Ya vende billetes de crucero con un margen que no siempre es suficiente.
Le sugerimos que aumente sus ingresos combinando excursiones con cruceros que ya comercializa.

¿Qué ofrecemos?
Además de la venta del crucero a sus clientes, también puede vender excursiones desde los puertos de escala visitados durante el crucero de los clientes. Esto no le llevará mucho tiempo extra, pero podrá aumentar su margen sobre la venta general.

Por cada excursión vendida, recibe una comisión del 5%.

¡Y también premiamos a los agentes más dinámicos!
Por año calendario, tan pronto como alcances los 6.500 € de ventas en nuestro sitio, te concedemos un "Bono de oro" de 200 € y tu comisión sube al 9% por todas las ventas adicionales que realices hasta el final del año.

  • How do I book a tour on the website ?
    It is very easy. Just choose your destination (or port of call if you are on a cruise ) from the dropboxes on home page (country and destination) and make your choice from the offered tours. You can access the details by pressing or clicking on "View more" . Once you have found your unforgettable excursion press or click on "Book Now" and follow the booking process. If you have any question just press "send a message to your guide". Guides usually answer within 24/48 hours. If you'd like to plan a tailor-made tour, click on "tailor-made tours" in the main menu at the top of the page, or fill in the form under standard tours, and we'll send you a personalized quote.
  • How do I contact a guide
    You can only contact the guide by email via our system so that all questions and answers are recorded. In this way we will be informed of agreements made with the guide. This will avoid any further possible dispute. Once the tour booking is confirmed you will receive a confirmation where the guide's phone number will appear. This number is for emergency purposes only (problems with meeting the guide at agreed location for example). To contact your guide, just press or click the "contact a guide" buttons. You will find them on relevant pages. Then just ask your guide what you need to know or express your wishes. Our guides generally answer within 24/48 hours. You can then chat with the guide until the excursion matches your wishes. You can also contact us and we will forward your questions to the guides.
  • I cannot find a tour that suits me. What can I do?
    All our tours are fully customizable. Press "send a message to your guide" and just explain what you would like to change on the existing tour. You can also set up your own tour with our guides by pressing or clicking "Tailor-made tours" in the top menu and fill in the form. Generally our guides will answer you message within 24/48 hours. You can then exchange with the guide and build your tailor-made tour together. Once every thing is settled and agreed we will send you a link to proceed to payment either by credit card or Paypal.
  • What should I do if the guide does not answer my questions?
    Our guides are committed to answer your questions within 24/48 hours. However in high season period when guides are very busy it may take a little longer. You can contact us and our customer support will make sure that your guide has received your inquiry and will assist so that your guide answers your questions as soon as possible.
  • How are tours prices fixed?
    In most cases, the price is for the whole group., not per person. This means the tour price will be the same up to the maximum number of persons stated on tour page. However, where admission tickets to attractions are required, or where the number of people implies a vehicle of different capacity, the price may be adjusted when selecting the number of participants on the booking page. Please consult the "What's included" and "What's not included" sections, as well as the guide's comments on the tour page. For further assistance please contact customer support.
  • What means of payment can I use?
    We accept the following payment methods: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Cards. Please note that It is not possible to pay the guide services in cash. Entrance tickets and other optional expenses such as meals can be paid directly to the guide in cash on the day of service.
  • Are my Payments safe and secured when booking on the website?
    We use SSL secure shopping payment process which guarantees a very high level of security. ​
  • When and how do I receive my booking confirmation?
    As soon as the booking payment process is validated, you will receive a pre-confirmation within a few minutes. Your guide will then confirm availlability for the requested date and you will then receive the booking confirmation within 24/48 hours. Depending on the organization of the excursion you may be required to provide some additional information such as the age of the participants for example. Then, approximately 2 weeks before the date of the excursion, you will receive your voucher containing all the information you need about your tour: - Reservation number, - Reference of the excursion, - Total price paid, - Number of participants, - Time and place of meeting, - If you are on a cruise: Cruise company and ship names, - Duration of the excursion, - What is included and what is not, - Contact details of your guide with mobile phone number in case of emergency
  • Some details on the booking confirmation need to be corrected. What should I do?
    Please contact customer support first and as soon as possible. In most cases we will be able to make the necessary corrections without the guides confirmation. If the correction involves the number of participants, date of service or tour price we will probably need the guide's agreement. We will then come back to you as soon as possible.
  • Can I cancel a booked tour?
    You can cancel your reservation up to 7 calendar days before the scheduled date of the excursion. This is why we recommend that you book your tours as early as possible to make sure that your guide will be available. Please read our cancellation policy for full details.
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