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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select your partners ?

We are committed to providing the best services to your customers. This is why our partners are rigorously selected according to their ability to design and offer complete tours including transportation (transfers from the port and tour circuit), admission tickets to the various monuments, museums etc .. included in the tour, cool drinks in the vehicle and other small touches at the discretion of the guide.
When the port is away from the excursion itself, you must arrange transfers from the port and back at the end of the tour. We remind you that according to our buisness model all transports are an integral part of the tour. Should you have difficulties in organising the transfers, you can contact us and we will make our best to help.

How many guides will be selected in each town ?

We want to bring you a maximum of income and thus a maximum of customers, that is why as long as you answer to the demand for your excursion in the language or languages ​​which you practice, you have the exclusiveness of your tour. However, we reserve the right to add other guides in other languages or other types of excursions ​or if you can no longer cope with the market demand.

How many tours can I post on the website ?

You can offer up to 5 excursions to the extent that you master them perfectly.
They must all be part of the high-end scheme and "all inclusive" of the site.
Remember to propose excursions that can meet different audiences: children, young adults, families, seniors ....and different durations (generally 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours depending on time the ship will leave port).
After studying your tours and reported to you, we reserve the right to publish some of your excursions only.

I speak a Language that is not listed on the list. Can I offer it ?

Of course, all you need to do is follow the registration procedure and indicate the language of your tour in the section "Quick description of your tour".

How is the price of my services fixed ?

You set your price freely. Nevertheless, inform yourself about the prices generally applied in your city or region in order to stick as close as possible to the local market prices. The fixed price is the price you will receive once the service has been completed.
Do not forget to include all ancillary services such as entrance tickets to the various sites visited, tolls if applicable etc ...
If you have difficulties or doubts about the price, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Once registered, when will I be able to publish my tours ?

Once your registration validated by our services, you will receive a link by email to connect to our tools on the site to configure the page or pages of your services. These pages will then be reviewed by our services before being published. You will then receive an email notification informing you of the publication of your offers. It's simple!
In the meantime, we encourage you to carefully prepare your tours: full detailed description (photos, different sites visited, duration, etc. ..) not to mention your profile (photos, your assets and everything that can encourage the customer to choose your services).
Then you just need, when the time comes, to use copy / paste to fill your page on the site.

When and How will I be paid for my services ?

The payment of tours is made on a weekly basis from Monday to Sunday inclusive. All the tours of the week are paid on the Tuesday of the following week.
Unless otherwise agreed, payments are made by transfer directly to your bank account.

How am I compensated if the client cancels or does not show up

The customer can cancel without charge up to 7 days before your tour begins. In the last 7 days the customer will not be entitled to any refund and your tour will be paid in full. Nevertheless the customer will be fully reimbursed in case the boat is diverted by decision of the company, whatever the reason and in all cases of Force Majeure.